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Cooperative Last Will accommodates people who favour the concept of assisted suicide and self-euthanasia without intervention of doctors and want to make early preparation by joining with others who share their views.

Cooperative Last Will focuses on joint and timely realisation of the desired and necessary conditions and circumstances to permit assisted suicide and self-euthanasia in the case of a completed life.

The Cooperative seeks to achieve it’s objectives by:

  1. providing a forum for members to exchange information and make or maintain contacts related to self-help in a completed life.
  2. the development and utilisation of all lawful ways to support exercising self-help in case of a completed life in both intangible and tangible sense.


Joint. The aim of the Cooperative is to join forces to create the right conditions in regard to their own, individual interest toward self-help in the event of completed life. The shared interest is organized in a cooperative relationship.

Early. ‘Early’ means prior to the moment at which an individual considers his or her own life completed and the same person joins the cooperative for support in self-help in his / her completed life.

Conditions. The conditions are both intangible (procurement of information and possibility for contact) and tangible (ways and means).

Completed life. Cooperative Last Will considers a life to be completed if a person in his or her own independent insight cannot face the prospect of a continued life and does not wish to await the natural end of that life. The moment a life is completed can be judged by the person in question based on his or her own perception and experience and, therefore, not as a moment determined by a specialist based on objective medical assessment.

Self-help. The cooperative defines self-help as a form of care in which those involved try to make a shared issue manageable within a group, without the intervention of testing or checking professionals.

Ad 1. Forum function

  • Procurement of digital information.
  • Procurement of individual information.
  • Collection and making accessible of information on legal frameworks, principles, methods, resources, experiences, systematized knowledge based on experience and everything else that can be relevant information for self-help in case of a completed life.
  • Organisation and support of general and / or group specific explorative meetings and debates.

Ad 2. Support function

  • Support the development of appropriate methods.
  • Support the development of adequate resources.
  • Support the production, possession, storage, transportation, inventory management and distribution of adequate resources.

Cooperative Last Will is an initiative of Gert Rebergen (social entrepreneur) and Jos van Wijk (interim manager). Both are strong supporters of the possibility of assisted suicide and self-euthanasia in case of a completed life. The cooperative provides members with a platform on which adequate information is available and where knowledge and experiences can be shared and other members can be contacted.

The executive board consists of the chairman and the secretary / treasurer. The executive board is responsible for the implementation of management decisions and ensures that the agency work are properly implemented.
Board members are Jos van Wijk and Petra de Jong.

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